More floors, even walls!

Baufloors also supply and fit other Bautech products suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial markets. 

X-Floor 1.jpg

The X-Floor

For the traditionalists Baufloors offers a concrete grinding and polishing service on new or existing concrete surfaces. The X-Floor look or finish is determined by different factors including the size and type of agrregrate used in the concrete pour. At Baufloors we use only the highest quality equipment and Bautech products including sealers and densifiers throughout ensuring a top class finish. 

EPoxy SL Resin Floor.jpg

Industrial Floors

At Baufloors we not only install decorative floors but we also install Bautechs exstensive Industrial product range. We are confident that we have a flooring solution for every surface that will meet your requirements. The Industrial range includes epoxy resin floors, polyurethane floors, DST concrete hardening floors, anti-static floors and paving solutions for outdoor spaces.   

Baufloor Wall.png

Baufloor Walls

Aesthetic and Minimalist interiors are the style of the 21st century. Their character is beautifully illustrated by raw concrete. Achieve the much sought-after Urban  Industrial look with our Micro-cement CREATIVO BAUFLOOR® WALL. Create a raw concrete wall look for any space that perfectly combines with a contemporary interior design style. Customise your wall by including unique pits and cavities making it an original, one of kind.