How much do Baufloors cost?

Our floors vary in cost depending on range and detailing required or selected.

For our three main domestic ranges supply and fit:

Creativo polished floors start at €130(Ex.VAT@13.5%) per sq M. 

Ultima polished floor start at €190 (Ex.VAT@13.5%) per sq M.

Terra floor (Terrazzo) start at €220(Ex.VAT@13.5%) per sq M. 

We have a large range of other floors for both commercial and domestic use that can be quoted upon request.

How long does it take to install a floor? Naturally this depends on the floor type and size but on average it takes 4 days start to finish for an area of up to 200 sqM. 

How durable are the flooring systems? Our floors are highly durable and meet all relevant EU standards and are EU certified. Technical data sheets and certifications are available on request. 

How do you maintain floors?  Baufloors are easily maintained using every day detergents without damaging the floor. 

How slip resistant are the floors?  The anti slip gradients vary from product to product. Floors can be chosen to suit your specific requirements. Technical data sheets available on request. 

Can floors be fit over underfloor heating systems? Yes, Baufloors systems can fit over all underfloor heating systems including light weight screeds.  

Do you offer a warranty ? Yes, all floors have a three year warranty.