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Creativo Floor

Creativo Floor

Creativo is an upscale, polished hybrid micro-cement, for use on floors as well as on walls exclusive to BauFloors in Ireland. This highly durable floor is installed using a multi layered process and is approx 3mm-6mm in thickness making it ideal for underfloor heating. Uniquely, these floors can also adhere to under floor heating light weight screeds reducing lead times and costs over traditional concrete screeds. The textured finish offers a contemporary stylish look to any space.

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The Ultima Floor

The Ultima Floor is an elegant, high quality polished concrete flooring with a mirror gloss finish. Where durability, originality and the highest level of aesthetics are sought, the Ultima Floors achieves the polished concrete look offering more control of  consistency of texturing in flooring often not achievable with standard polished concrete finishes. We can create this stunning effect in a range of colours for both commercial and residential spaces. 

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The Terra Floor

"Looks like Marble or Granite, few would recognise concrete"

Our revolutionary version of  "Terrazzo flooring" with an extensive range in terms of the design and color specification.  The use of nanotechnology provides a mirror finish surface and high resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, UV radiation, stains and makes it easy to clean. The very rich colour range allows tailoring to both individual client needs and the specific nature of the object. Our Italian team of fitters with their vast experience in the art of fitting this system are availed upon when fitting the Terra floor range of floors.

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